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Cancer Care: Breast Awareness

October 17, 2018 • Veronica Kimani

What does Breast Awareness mean to you…


To us at Kasha, ‘Breast awareness’ means being more observant of any changes occurring in our breasts. These can be the result of many reasons including normal hormonal changes, but in some cases they can be caused by growing cancer cells. Taking frequent steps to being more breast aware increases the likelihood of successful responses to cancer treatment following a diagnosis.


Take time to familiarise yourself with what ‘normal’ breast tissue feels like by taking frequent Breast Self Exams (BSE). This will help you become more aware of the various changes occurring in your breasts at various stages of your life including during a mensural cycle. It’s important to keep in mind that nine out ten times lumps in your breast are a reflection of the normal changes your breasts go through especially as a result of hormonal reasons such as during mensuration as mentioned above during menopause or stages of growth such as adolescence.


There’s lots of ways to perform breast self exams and a good place to start is by getting comfortable with looking at your breasts in the mirror through various angles. Additionally, take time to feel your breasts as you take your shower or while you oil your body. It’s important to learn your body and get comfortable with yourself, you can think of this as a self care ritual that you practice at least once every month!


The National Breast Cancer Foundation shares that a Breast Self- Exam can be performed in the shower, in front of a mirror and oh the most comfortable one, while lying down. Be mindful of unusual pains and lumps, or as may be slightly bizarre to you too, a change in shape or size of one breast.


If you find a lump or something that causes you to feel anxious, schedule an appointment with your doctor and remember you can do this as often as you feel allows for you to have the peace of mind you deserve!


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