Lifebuoy Germ Protection Antibacterial Total 10 Hand Body Soap Bar 175gr

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  • Lifebuoy Total 10 Soap Bar helps to fight the germs that cause diseases
  • Antibacterial Hand and Body Soap Bar
  • Containing our patented ingredient, Activ Naturol Shield, proven to remove all kinds of germs
  • Helps protect you and your family
  • World’s No.1 selling antibacterial soap
  • It comes with a FREE Soap Dish!

Lifebuoy’s patented antibacterial ingredient Activ Naturol’ technology has proven 10 times better germ protection compared to leading germ protection soaps.The ‘Activ Naturol Shield’ technology is a combination of naturally occurring substances that when combined with the best of technology in cleansing, provides Ten Times better protection against disease causing pathogens. Lifebuoy total 10 soap bar is suitable to all members of your family, adults and children. Lifebuoy total 10 soap bar can be used in hands and body, during bath. The rich, creamy lather of Lifebuoy bar soap leaves you feeling clean and fresh, while the advanced formulation cares for and protects your skin.Also Available in Care, Herbal, LemonFresh, Moisture Plus and DeoFresh.


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