Fiesta Chocolate Condoms 1 Pack (3 Pieces)


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  • 3 lubricated latex condoms
  • Chocolate scented
  • Brown coloured
  • Ribbed
  • Classic straight-walled design with a smooth natural feel
  • Pre-lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant
  • Length 53mm nominal width 3mm 
  • Dermatologically tested


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"It's time to care for you"

Fiesta Chocolate Condoms is known to definitely add some spice to your bedroom and make sex funner with the colorful fiesta line of condoms from DKT international.

Designed to encourage an exciting, immersive experience, Fiesta Chocolate Condoms are chocolate flavoured and coloured, and dotted on all sides to tickle your partner’s senses and heighten pleasure.

Thanks to its sheer natural rubber build, the Fiesta condom provides you with a smooth natural feel, complete with increased pleasure, and providing utmost sensitivity, while ensuring full protection.

Featuring the classic, transparent, straight-walled, teat-ended design, Fiesta Chocolate Condoms are a set of quirk-free condom that gets the job done every time.

To ensure a perfect fit and seamless, enjoyable sex, the classic condoms feature a 53mm nominal width at the base which combines with the steady grip of natural rubber so it stays on even with a spongy erection, ensuring a smooth, seamless experience.

Protects against unwanted pregnancy and STIs while increasing pleasure by intensifying touch hence further enhancing the connection between you and your partner.

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