Korie Clinical Bed Pad Large 10’s


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  • Non-slip backing with a soft fabric front
  • Manufactured to lock in liquids
  • Full sized for maximum coverage
  • Machine washable
  • 10 large pads

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  • Priority (within 1-2 hours): Ksh 300
  • Today (within 3-8 hours): Ksh 200
  • Tomorrow: Free!

Free next day delivery in June

For leak protection that you can rely on, Korie has your back with their clinical bed pads that are specially designed to give everyone the comfortable and good night’s rest they deserve.

Don’t use bed pads that hurt sensitive skin or crinkle and bunch uncomfortably. Instead, try the most advanced bed pad made with the most comfortable materials—one that protects you and your mattress, while allowing you to get some sleep too.

Korie Clinical Bed Pads feature a simple and streamlined quilted design that works when you need it and comes off in a flash too. These pads are made with superior tensile fabric, which means your waterproof layer won’t break down, even after continuous washes. They are non-slip, non-shrinking, and no thought required.

To cleanse the pad, just throw it in the washer and machine dry. The pads are suitable for both adult and children.

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