Korie Mum Disposable Breast Pads 24 Pieces


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  • Supreme super soft cushioning effect
  • Desired comfort
  • Super-absorbent
  • Prevents leakage during this time of breast milk adjustment
  • 24 extra soft Disposable Breast Pads


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While nipple leakage can be uncomfortable and may be embarrassing, its simply your body’s way of regulating milk supply to feed your baby. Korie Mum Disposable Breast Pads are a great way to absorb leaks and keep your clothes clean and dry, removing the need to worry about leaks every time you go out.

Placed into a regular or a nursing bra, Korie Mum Disposable Breast Pads can absorb breast milk from leaking breasts to help prevent embarrassment, and protect your clothing from stains. The pads are soft, super absorbent and made of cotton, hence, they allow your breasts to breathe keeping you comfy all day long.

Use Korie Mum Disposable Breast Pads to get the leak protection you need and to make sure you are never caught off guard. Slip them in and toss them when you’re done—it doesn’t get easier than that. You should change your nursing pads whenever they get wet as constant exposure to wetness could lead to skin irritation and sore nipples

Korie Mum Disposable Breast Pads are ultra soft, thick and fluffy, and made from 100% organic cotton – perfect for that first few weeks postpartum, while the supply of breast milk adjusts to your baby’s needs.

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