Kotex Ultra Thin Pads Normal 8’s


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  • Breathable design with a cottony Soft-Touch cover for unbeatable comfort
  • 3D Capture Core for fast absorption lock away wetness instantly
  • With deep channels to flex and fit your body
  • With soft wings to fit your underwear perfectly
  • Latex-free, lotion-free, and unscented
  • Small portable package
  • 8 ultra thin normal pads


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  • Free pick-up at a Kasha Location
  • Priority (within 1-2 hours): Ksh 300
  • Today (within 3-8 hours): Ksh 200
  • Tomorrow: Free!

Free next day delivery in May

For when you are on the go, and need lightweight protection you can bank on, Kotex Ultra Thin Pads is the go-to for those in the know.

Where serious attitude meets serious protection, the ultra-thin Kotex® CleanWear® Pads feature their patented Xpress DRICore for crazy, super fast absorption to help stop leaks instantly, offering leak protection that is second to none.

Engineered for superior comfort, the Ultra Thin Pads feature a breathable design with a cottony-soft touch cover that feels silky against your body, while the uniquely shaped Tru-Fit® wings with its super soft sides keep you comfy and ready to go all day long.

On those active days when you don’t want a thick pad that is uncomfortable and seems obvious to onlookers, the U by Kotex Security Ultra Thin Pads fit just right in. It shapes to your body, and never have to feel like you’ve got an ugly bulge, even when you need to bend over.

The pads are packed with a discreet wrapper in a portable, dainty package that does not rustle or crackle and that is thin enough for you to stick in your back pocket, even while wearing the snuggest of skinny jeans, and no one would notice.

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