Pepsodent Cavity Fighter Toothpaste 150gr


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Receive a free toothbrush with all purchases for World Oral Health Day!

  • Active anti-cavity Micro Calcium agent with teeth regenerative properties
  • With pro-fluoride complex for deep teeth cleanse
  • Full protection from plaque and tooth decay
  • Suitable for the entire family
  • 150g
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Receive a free toothbrush with all purchases for World Oral Health Day!

Over the years, our teeth suffer a barrage of physical attack from food of varying textures resulting in tiny invisible holes that may eventually lead to cavities as well as a host of other dental infections over time.

This is why Pepsodent Cavity Fighter Toothpaste comes infused with an active micro calcium agent that helps repairs these holes and restores the mineral composition of weak spots in the tool enamel, providing the necessary added layer of protection against germs and cavities.

For thorough cleansing and improved dental health, the fast-acting toothpaste also comes complete with a pro-fluoride complex that reaches in between your teeth and thoroughly cleanses from the gum up, keeping your mouth sparkling clean and your breath minty fresh.

Brush twice daily with Pepsodent Cavity Fighter Toothpaste for full dental cleansing action and to keep your teeth healthy and stronger for the foreseeable future.

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